possibilities within the invisibility


The three dimensional material world is a fractal equation that spirals into the form of fourth dimensional time-out of zero dimensional nothing. The actual sensation of this space and the memory of time are the fantastic opinions observing illusional yet influential angles in the midst of an endless mirage. Think of this the next time someone says, "let's get real." And then there's the realization of this four dimensional science that understands we are only able to experience five percent of the mirage. The other ninety-five percent (dark matter and dark energy) are invisible to our five senses. This means that there's a lot more fantasy available if we are willing to work with our imagination and create more possibilities within the invisibility. Our prayer is that you truly believe that anything is possible and you have the right to produce whatever you can imagine . . . then, making sure it's benevolent, you become the change you want to see in the world.