As human nature becomes more unnatural, the intuition is increasingly important to comprehend the random angles through which nature succeeds. As this world becomes more crowded, this intuitive ability is essential when dealing with the laws of polarity . . . the laws that, “for every action there’s an equal reaction” . . . the laws of conflict. As humanity continues to fall into habits of comparison, competition and conflict, it drifts further from any sustainable nature. Consciousness looks for instant insistence to correct this disaster, but then polarities come back into play, and the insistence produces resistance. The ultimate cure is found in the angles of nature, and a natural consistency. Angles are the way that evolution has found for insistence to pass through resistance without igniting reactions.

Consistency, combined with these angles, is the birthplace of momentum. When you insist in the face of resistance, you set up a painful interchange . . . it becomes trapped in comparisons, which lead to competitions, which lead to conflicts. It’s a head-brain event, and this brain is not skilled with intuitive angles. The head-brain -- with all of its logical measuring -- is very important, but it’s not very complete. Meditation includes the heart and gut brains to mitigate the comparisons . . . there’s little compassion in comparison. The heart and gut brains turn corrections into more compassionate events. Watching your world through this meditative consciousness -- the circular vision of fifth dimensional eyes -- your view can invent answers and solutions out of thin air. Now you’ll have another line to balance on with this powerful ability . . . producing momentum while honoring the subtlety between intuitive solutions and outright deceit. Every master faces this temptation . . . walking on the side of honesty is a required discipline when using this power.

Our prayer is that you meditate and turn the laws of polarity into the angles of natural advantage; that you use discipline to avoid deceitful advantages, and then use this power for the benefit of all. This is the prophet’s example . . . teaching humans on Earth to have a future.

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