‘Place’ Travels with You


As humans, we believe that when we move from one place to another, we are having different experiences and that the place is different. However, the realities of the majority of the experiences that we are traveling with us. This is known as ‘Place’ in the science of Humanology. You enter a space, but Place travels with you. It is yours and it defines the majority of your experience. Place is, in fact, a complex equation carried within the electro-magnetic field that surrounds you, known as the Aura. This is a filter of your input and output. It is constructed by four facets of your human being. These are your Feelings, Perceptions, Pace and Place. Each one constructed interactively over tremendous amount of time.

As you move from the traffic on a road to the quiet of a room you have changed the space of your experience, but you have carried with you the definitions of the experience that you will be experiencing. The inner noise (the definitions) traveling with you into the quiet room is far more present than your environment shift. You will continue to experience the inner sensations of the noisy traffic you left outside until they fade from your memory or are replaced. In order to change the foundation of Place, you must transform the inner codes. You must work on the inner construct of your Feelings, Perceptions and Pacing.

Simply changing the space with which and within which you exist will change very little. Place is only slightly modified by these external changes. Space is merely the setting in which you experience your experience; your Feelings, Perception and Pace define this experience. Place will manifest based on your propensity to Feel, Perceive and Pace. Place is the experience and the experiencer.

Do not try to understand this by using your thoughts. Allow it to sink into your body and being. Allow it to contribute to your Place.

Guru Nanak said: The observer and the observed are one, they are in fact the same event.” Albert Einstein also said: “The observer defines the observed.”