pioneering spirit of mastery within


For each evolutionary advancement there are outliers that stand out because they are outstanding, because they are not limited by the larger group . . . they are unique pioneers. Some of these pioneers have indicated ways to the future, while others indicated pathways to extinction. They were too far ahead of the times to survive. Before the primates began standing up seven and a half million years ago (and then took four million years developing the intricate relationship between the spin, pelvis, hips, thighs, knees and ankles to remain standing) there were pioneer primates that would consistently attempt to stand. Because this entire mechanism hadn’t fully developed, they would ultimately give up the notion, but each attempt helped drive the progress of evolution forward. The outliers were ahead of the times . . . the times would catch up. When closer to the evolutionary completion of the mechanics of standing, the outliers began feeling the strong drive. From the four legged, two dimensional world, the 'standers' began introducing a working relationship with the third dimension or the perception of depth as seen from their new perspective of standing up. Today there is a new evolution, a new standing up, the standing up of the Kundalini and consciousness. Again there have been outliers and pioneers -- the prophets and messiahs leading the way on this path. They produced massive followings, but now it is time for the followers to mimic the master's "footsteps" and actually stand in the ways they stood; experience the new dimensions they taught. Our prayer is that you discover the pioneering spirit of mastery within yourself; see the great prophets -- not as unique, perfect and unattainable -- but as perfect examples for you to mimic. Stand up inside yourself and raise the Kundalini to experience the evolution of your consciousness. Follow the path of the great masters and prophets before you. They were definitely special, but definitely not unique. Know that you are equal and ready to follow in their great footsteps. Our collective future depends on you . . . create this future now.