Piezoelectric Effect


Free electrons -- the sub-atomic particles that move individually and freely -- make up what's called electrical current. They're the electrons that aren't attached to any ion, or atom, or a molecule. They're free to move within an applied magnetic field. If you squeeze, or massage, the tissue of an animal; the fibers of a plant, or the crystal of quartz, it generates a tiny electrical charge. The pressure you place on these elements, forces ions out of position; this upsets the overall balance of charge, turning tissue, or crystal, into a tiny battery. This is known as the piezoelectric effect. Not only does this work for animals, plants and crystals, but there are microscopic crystals in all living tissue . . . it works inside and outside of you. The electrical currents created here have even more profound effects when these pressures are applied throughout the system simultaneously. This is why all animals stretch upon awakening in the morning, and why it's best to do your exercise and yoga first thing in the day. Stretching and pressure produces electrical currents moving through your entire body -- this clears your nerves and resets your brain to approach the tasks of your day. You're an electro-magnetic field . . . this field even extends beyond your physical body as your aura. All the currents moving through this field are electro-magnetic; when they move inside through your physical nerves and brain, they add chemistry and become electro-chemical. Both of these currents carry the messages of your thoughts and ideas . . . within you and around you. When the nervous system is reset, you're able to have clarity . . . literally . . . you're crystal clear. The thought-messages that move through this system, move via these electro-magnetic fields . . . refresh the fields and you're filled with new and inspirational thoughts -- solutions -- ideas -- enthusiasm. Our prayer is that you apply these practical technologies to your life on a daily basis; allow yourself to become refreshed and inspired by the habits of your physical routine; create new thought with inspired new ideas, and produce a world exactly as you dream it can be . . . be well.