Personal Power


"Life does not happen to you, it happens through you." The light of perception from infinity, passes through you -- then reflects off your surrounding events and moments back to you. This is what you experience of the time and space that surrounds you. The events and moments you resist, or reject, will define you -- by the mere friction of this resistance -- more profoundly than that which you fully accept. To fully accept does not mean to fully agree with, but it means that you’ve not set up this resistance . . . you’re allowing space and time to pass through you with acceptance. Then, within this acceptance, you have the power to make choices whether to agree -- be affected -- both -- or neither. These are the choices of freedom . . . choices important to the quality and consciousness of your life. Additionally -- by this same physical fact in the nature of light and perception -- nothing happens incorrectly, or by some other source of initiation. “If it happens to you, it happens through you,” literally means that nothing appears without your directive. Obviously this directive can be conscious, or unconscious, and when it’s unconscious there’s disconnect and powerlessness. But once a conscious connection is established between your psycho-emotional awareness, and the world all around you, and you stop resisting the events with the moments, then life no longer appears as a stranger . . . no longer appears as the enemy . . . no longer appears to be happening to you . . . it is you. The events and moments passing through you that you embrace are what defines you, or not, by the power and freedom of this choice. This is the meaning of responsibility . . . the ability to respond. With this responsibility you’re able to make good choices; the more you practice, the better you are at making these choices; the better you are at making these choices, the more life unfolds according to your wants and needs. Our prayer is that you take on this responsibility of being the leader of your life; that you welcome the freedom of choosing the qualities in each moment, and with this freedom of acceptance, you make decisions regarding your agreements. This is personal power.