Persistence without Insistence


Within each lifespan there’s multiple assignments, just as in any kind of school system. Life is a school system, and everything that’s experienced outside of you is a reflection, refraction, deflection, or distraction of something that’s inside. It’s not the total moment, or event in the picture you’re experiencing outside -- it’s a pixel of the picture that’s inside . . . the outside is a fragment of the inside, a pixel of time -- a pixel of space. This can be part of a shadow cast by your light -- part of the light that’s balancing a shadow, or complementing parts of your light. This is the nature of the physical Multi-verse with all of its propositions and oppositions; the nature of the accelerations and decelerations within your quests, efforts and goals. All the focus and fuzziness is around your life for a reason . . . sometimes it appears to be unreasonable, but rather than thinking of these greater challenges as punishment, think of them as super advanced studies, like a school system for highly gifted students. Those parts that may appear as curses, are the more difficult courses for the masters.

These are the countless layers, within compound complexities, throughout millions of incarnations, with records being completed -- to be corrected -- and to be perfected in order to be re-taught. When you arrive at a planet for your experience of life, there’s always a team that’s on your side and a team that’s on the “other” side. In today’s world stage this is even more obvious than ever, due to the amount of photo, video, and audio technology that can transfer your presence in one time and place, to another presence in another time and place. But you’ve been in locations far more advanced, and also far less advanced throughout your lifecycles. The players with you here today have been with you before . . . even chance meetings are important.

Our prayer is that you produce persistence without insistence to arrive at your goals with the least resistance; that you tack against the headwinds of time and angle when they’re against you without complaint; that you remain present in chaos and calm, and make a difference in this life of miracles that you’ve earned.

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