Perfectly Alive


I want you to make a pledge to yourself that you're going to dedicate your life to being alive. You're going to give up your obsession with your imperfection because you are absolutely perfect. If you would allow yourself to be in that grace, then your world would unfold into your highest desire. But you are addicted to your struggle. Without it, you don't feel like you can identify the self. Dad was this way, mom was this way. That's what is running through your veins. It's not just in your thoughts. Rearrange your genealogy and create a crystal clear physiology; create a worship vessel and gain traction in the physical world and attract what it is you desire. Start showing the world that you can achieve what you desire without struggle. Become an instrument so that this world can settle down. Stop fanning the flames internally and externally. The thought you have about being less than perfect is fanning the flames of imperfection. When you judge, you're fanning the flames of separation. You are what you perceive.  Release all of the memory that keeps you enslaved and diminishes your concept of what it means to be alive.