Surrounding the surface of each massive Megaverse are the pockets in which elements have condensed to such an extent that they form an ocean of matter known to the ancients as Narayan. This is what is known to modern humanity as the Universe. It's all you can perceive -- even with the most powerful telesopes and electron telescopes -- you cannot perceive beyond the limits of these elements . . . the event horizon. Literally translated, Narayan means the 'Ocean of Love' . . . within this ocean are all of the requirements and possibilities for the 'bodies' in which life can exist . . . the Universal Soul is then inserted to create a life in each body. Every living body has a consciousness and is tasked to evolve this consciousness through lifetimes. The ultimate goal is to become compassionate and enlightened. Every 'pocket/Universe' is held in place by a super-massive-central-sun . . . a sun so large that it's impossible to comprehend. This sun's gravitational field is what gathers, forms and holds each 'pocket/Universe' in position . . . countless of them -- just like the one you now occupy -- spin in the vast infinity. Throughout your tens of thousands of incarnations, you've lived in many of them. Across the infinite cosmos there are also endless numbers of Megaverses -- each with Universes. In your higher incarnations you've adventured into these spaces as well, many far more advanced than Earth. You cannot fully understand this vastness with your reasoning, but you can only know that you know it's real in the deeper reaches of your awakened consciousness. Here, you can comprehend this vastness . . . with this comprehension also comes compassion . . . a deep loving connection with all of this endless life. This is the awareness of Narayan . . . the Ocean of Infinite Love. Our prayer is that you reach out to realize how simultaneously insignificant and significant you are, and how vast you can become with a compassionate mind; that you reach out to realize you're connection to every other living part of the Multiverse and honor this connection with each moment of your life . . . there has never been a time like now and now is your time.