Perceiving Without Preference


Before she knew she was ill Young Guru Simran Kaur who passed away about four year at the age of fourteen, wrote a poem. This poem and the hukum that was taken and I will read them to you because we have been following the situation. Absolutely perceiving her own passing without preference. Feeling the feelings and knew about it, it appears, before it even took place. Now your preference says that passing is sad and believe me, we have all wept a great deal. Your body can not go through the passage of a young body without it having an emotional experience but let's face it . . . even that is not a tragedy . . . that is a perception with preference. You are perceiving what is and you are preferring that it could have been different. That in fact is the tragedy. What you are perceiving is tragic but you don't realize that the tragic is with you because what is your preference going to do . . . bring her back into that form? If you perceive without preference what you recognize is that the leaf has fallen, the life is in the limb. The life is still there. That is where we need to get to. As human beings we need to get to that place and we will not be threatened, we will not defend our territories, we will not have any of the barbaric nonsense that goes on because all of that takes place out of insecurity. People are so insecure because they are perceiving everything with preference so be the first on your block to change the program. The take away is quite simple. Get your game on the plus side and get mentally flexible and become able to perceive without preference . . . which means that you will be able to see everything from the infinite number of angles that each point of no dimension has and you will be able to feel your feelings without being attached to them because they are a message and if you get attached to them, you immediately get thrown off base . . . then, you are in another position complaining about that . . . and now, your perception is completely lost because you only know preference.