Pass Through Sadness


A living-true relationship is one where the connections prosper from observations looking for more participation. Experiencing this kind of fulfillment it means you have an awareness of a connection without any credits or scores for the performance. This is effortless and painless, it is gratifying. Every moment of life brings with it many options. But, in a relationship this true, you are without options. You have surrendered yourself to this commitment. This is why, even though they are desired, true relationships are generally avoided.

They represent safety nets and backup plans, and so you fear to give these up. You survival instinct tells you to run away.

This is called shunya, the state of complete zero, in which you have no choices. This is the gateway to the land of miracles, once you are in you don’t want to leave.

Survival is the instinctual avoidance of death, while death is only a death of the five senses and five elements, not of the being. Grief and mourning are not bad emotions, though they are painful; they act as indicators of the inner movements in awareness.

This is a moment requiring deep and uninterrupted meditation. Do not avoid this sadness, but rather use it to shift the physical gears over to their non-physical natures. Do not change the sadness, change the course.

When you willingly release your intense fears of surrender and arrive at the eternity of living a true relationship, from such a moment onward you will find yourself fearing nothing. You’ll find yourself in the sweet embrace of fearless wisdom. You will find yourself.