Parenting tips...from a Swami!


What Children Need “Children need free time to play, a place to dig for treasures, a little garden—even if it is just a window box—a pet (if the parents can afford it), materials for scribbling and drawing, and a home where their friends are always welcomed.”

The Best Citizens of the World

“Childhood is something great. In childhood the mind is pure, tender and receptive. If we impart good education to our children, become selfless examples for them, and give them love, perhaps they will grow and become the best citizens of the world. Then, the whole universe will bloom like a flower.”

On Sharing

“Parents often force their children to share toys when they are still too egocentric to understand the meaning of sharing. Egocentricity in children is not equivalent to the adult quality of selfishness, but rather is a stage through which children naturally pass. Compelling a child to share, in fact, has negative effects. The child becomes resistant and does not learn true selfless giving (…) One of the best introductions to sharing is to have a child prepare and offer food to another child.”

Deep Listening

“The child who is listened to learns to listen, and the child who is allowed to express her feelings verbally will not need to express them through tantrums.”


"Gandhi used to spend 2 hours each day talking with children and he considered those times the best hours of his life."

Collected by Nina RamPrakash Kaur, From Swami Rama's book, "Let the Bud of Life Bloom"