The planet Mercury has significant influence on our communication. Communication creates the quality and caliber of our relationships. Relationships require pace, which requires practice – it is never set by itself. There must be a conscious effort to arrive at the pace of life for any relationship existing within the space you are living, so that the outer world and the inner world are harmonious, in unison. Learn to obtain the harmonic intervals that work for working together. The wave of time will not carry you on to your goal when you hold back or push faster than it rolls. Angles, timing, balance, synchronizing, being sensitive to your total environment and flexible enough to respond – all require tremendous effort and a great deal of insistent, persistent, consistent practice.

When this kind of pace is established, it’s known as a parallel relationship. You’re pacing your environment, your life and the lives of those around you. With all this parallel pacing, harmonious movement becomes effortless.

There is a very practical effort, a pragmatic investment that delivers this seemingly miraculous return. It is logical input with a magical outcome, the human being, being humane. This is the new evolution and it honors your highest purpose.