Out of the Blue


“Out of the blue,” originates with the etheric realm being considered blue, and everything that happens on Earth, beginning in the ether. Ether is the film -- the light is GOD -- and the screen is this world. When you don't take advantage of the free and expanding aperture of the mind's 'third' eye (the lens into that ether, with its ease, joy, knowing and a deep sense of liberation) then you won’t comprehend the benevolent balance that persists in every moment of time, and each place in space. It’s right there, but you don’t get it . . . that freedom of knowing beyond the horizons of everyday challenges, and into the ether of possibilities.

Using this "eye" is a liberation that allows you access to a miraculous world of ‘everywhere’ solutions. It delivers confidence -- which actually means ‘faith’ -- and gives you access to deep willingness -- which is straight from the heart. It delivers this to create an unimaginable growth into the evolving new generations. These new generations are invisible to those who fixate on past patterns as being more valid; the ones who believe that imagination is too impractical to be taken seriously. This negative nature dominates today’s global landscape with its competitive aggression, and accomplishing ends through “justified” means. It is brutally maximizing that the fittest shall survive, as opposed to everything fitting together to thrive. This is the violent aggression to dominate the “prized” possessions. And in a world that cannot be owned -- by life that has no authority other than to participate as equals -- this concept of hierarchy eliminates the intuition of the mind's third eye. Only a partial light enters the full picture, and the possibilities that allow everyone to share prosperity, vanish in favor of “winners” and “losers”. It’s an unnatural conflict replacing the constant opportunities that appear from “nowhere”.

Our prayer is that you take full advantage of the opening in your lens of perception; that you celebrate this freedom and share its nourishment of ease, joy, and knowing, and that you receive the full light into the picture of your miraculous life . . . straight through your third eye, out of the blue.

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