Create Humane Consciousness 

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Predatory carnivores in their natural environment -- roaming all the lands, sky and seas -- were created out of evolution’s need for efficiencies . . . they weed out animal weaknesses and devour their remains . . . a cleanup crew serving the entire animal kingdom. This all takes place to promote the strength of species and dissolve any weakness. When you place this lifestyle and attitude into a human being, you’ve created a killing creature that gathers in mobs to react inhumanely and roam the Earth, bullying any sign of weakness it encounters. Humans were placed on Earth to steward plants and animals while raising awareness into a fulfilled consciousness . . . to be a creature of compassionate enlightenment.

You’re not here to compete as carnivores do, over territories of false boundaries, differentiated only by the whims of collective miss-beliefs. Massive meat consumption has also created global deforestation and pollution from the most dangerous animal ever known. You risk annihilation from the wars you’re waging; starvation from the disputes that are raging, and the diseases you’ve created have become a business model using sickness as an endless marketplace. Humans are to be humane, with self-realization as the projected self. When this is projected with your life, the recognition comes naturally and the self-realization is easy . . . there are no awkward disconnects in your existential flow. This is why it’s essential to enter a mood of projecting your masterful connections to each morning and establishing an environment of ease in which you live love, joy, knowing and liberation without effort.

Our prayer is that you’re shifting your life away from predatory aggressions; that you create habits and patterns of true humane consciousness, and then harvest the rewards of living in your most natural way . . . the humane being. 

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