Don't Back Up

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In this infinite Cosmos of cycles inside cycles, inside rhythms, inside vibrations, frequencies and pulsations -- nothing [ever] just happens once . . . not even you. Your many lifetimes are a byproduct of these continuous cycles -- recycling and pulsating in and out of some-body-matter that’s prevalent throughout infinity. It's said to have all began (without ever beginning) with a word . . . “word” meaning a sound with meaning. This original sound is the meaning that’s in everything . . . the source code, the core rhythm, and the foundation . . . GOD in all.

Today's world, on this Earth, has driven humanity away from this meaning . . . struggling backward in time going forward. Humans appear to be blindly throwing darts at a target of life that’s lost in this total darkness. As time accelerates into this new -- sometimes called Aquarian -- moment, it's important to learn that this backwardness is not a path of fulfillment, but a pathway of total bewilderment. And now it’s become the global tournament . . . darts in the dark . . . a game being played by struggling “idiots” challenging each other to a zero-sum outcome . . . a game of ignorance searching for “bliss” in the darkness of ignorance. This is why Yogi Bhajan -- whenever I was driving him -- loved the sign at the entrance to many parking lots that read, “Don’t Back Up, Severe Tire Damage. It's high time for you to start driving forward into the light of expose’ . . . the lights, the sounds, the words, the source codes that enlighten the belligerent scenes of this ignorant world.

Our prayer is that you use your benevolent words as source codes; that you guide them from their inception to their expression . . . their benevolence. And in this environment of mutual benefit, create a playing field for the new games of choice, ones that will pulsate over and over into forever. 

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