Activate Your Light

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Thoughts have gravity, and just like gravity found everywhere in the Cosmos -- with the massive objects of astro-physics bending light in outer space -- your thoughts bend the light shining through nanocrystal liquids in your physical body. Your body is seventy percent water . . . sometimes more, and your brain is ninety percent water. Your spine and your brain have a concentration of nanocrystals throughout this liquid.

The most powerful light source in your body is the kundalini . . . usually at rest in the lower abdomen. Draw a line between your navel point and your tailbone -- halfway down this line is where the kundalini rests. It’s ignited by the tension, pressure, stress, and friction that you apply through yoga postures, kriyas, breathing and body-locks. This same tension, pressure, stress, and friction is also found in the physical construction of the Cosmos . . . it sustains every “thing” from the infinite to nothing. In your physical body, there must be an alignment in order for this kundalini light to shine through from the base to the crown. Spinal misalignments are called subluxations, they deflect the direction of this light shining up the spine. One of the key positions is at the very top of the spine -- the Atlas ‘C1’ vertebra and the Axis ‘C2’ vertebra. These have unique function affecting your higher levels of awareness. The Atlas vertebra allows you to relate to infinity . . . far beyond the physical self. The Axis vertebra allows you to clearly identify with your higher self. These are unique and equally important qualities. Keeping the Atlas and Axis aligned at all times allows you to know yourself and relate benevolently beyond yourself.

Our prayer is that you’re up for the journey to your “self” and far beyond your wildest “self” . . . welcoming all life within both locations. 

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