Time For A Mind Bath

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Moments when sleep is disturbed, and dreams become chaotic, demonstrate a need to clear what would technically be called your “software” . . . what would neurologically be called the information in your subconscious. When your subconscious becomes overloaded -- has not been cleared from the experiences of this lifetime, or the genetic patterns from generations of ancestry -- all these experiences need sorting, identifying, polishing, and if needed -- clearing.

These parts of your being are as important to clean as your skin, teeth, hair and bowels on a daily basis. Humans and the pre-humans went for millions of years before physical bathing became part of life. This same need for clearing and cleaning is now imperative for these other parts of life . . . bathing your consciousness, and the subconscious facets of your brain mind conveyance. As the world’s population increases to a critical mass, having cloudiness in the mental bodies becomes a critical mess. There was a time -- in Western Europe -- when bathing with water was considered unhealthy in the cold. People bathed once a year in early June when there was warmth. This is actually the reason for June weddings . . . people smelled better after their baths. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” also originated in this tradition. Babies were bathed last -- the used water was filthy and the baby could disappear in its dirt. We are at the time when bathing the brain-mind is essential -- the psychic debris has built up to such a degree that human interactions now are smelling bad.

Our prayer is that you take the time to wash your mind -- brainwashing is a good thing. Connect to mantric and ambient sounds with deep chanting and music. Cleanse the psyche and the subconscious psyche in a bath of this sound . . . freshen the spacetime amongst interactions, and prepare for the marriages that bring humanity together. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci