Forgive to Give Forward


The word FORGIVE is one of the compound words made up of other words. The two words within it are -- FOR and GIVE. FOR is a shortening of the word FORWARD and GIVE stands on its own. The word FORGIVE means to GIVE FORWARD from a point in time, usually in the past that no longer exists . . . to this present moment, the only moment that is alive. When we FORGIVE, we reload discarded parts of ourselves that have been assigned, stuck if you will, to hold memories and grudges in empty dead space . . . forever it seems.

Until we go through the process of reclaiming these parts, they are unable to be used for anything except holding these empty dead spaces with memories. FORGIVENESS is one of the most powerful tools in the process of self empowerment and it is a selfish act . . . in the very best way, for it actually involves no one but you. It teaches you to include all of you in this moment of now, which is a nourishing and healthy process. It's like digestion, it's very personal . . . the fires of digestion fulfill the need to self-nourish. Life is a balance, a wish to honor the infinite potential through the turbulence and calm of finite matter, and dealing with the specifics that always surround the self and others. In this play, errors are guaranteed to happen, which gives rise to the need to forgive both the small dramas and the far larger traumas.

Our prayer is that you realize the nature of natural growth is the production of unknowns from knowledge . . . and the corrections of the errors that must follow; that this is the price of all growth; that growth is the assignment and purpose of all life, and that forgiveness allows you to live fully . . . while growing into the gift of your life. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci