Prosper In Peace  


Uncovering the seeds of reality has always been opposed by the inherently deep protectionist nature of tradition. Mythologies recited throughout the ages have both, tried to break this protection down to allow for change, and maintain its closed structure to sustain the familiar. You, at every moment, have this battle going on inside and outside . . . it's what makes up the noise of the mind and the battles on the streets. Meditation is what exposes this noise and chanting is what sweeps it out the door . . . just like house cleaning.

The human mouth has always been both a doorway to freedom, and the target of great restriction throughout time; it's true power, as this portal to freedom, has been attacked for eons. Throughout history, this protectionism of holding on to tradition for familiar safety, rather than opening the voice portal to the quickening of decoding life, has been blocking the seeding of human reality. Just as the flower blooms at the end of a cycle, to seed and insure the continuation of life, your life has arrived at this time within time to insure that life is alive.

It is now -- and our prayer is that you recognize the profound purpose for these seeds of inspiration inside you. Open the petals of your time into full bloom; allow your mouth to speak with words that break the codes of evolution; allow humanity to prosper in peace without the differences of tradition and be the light you know you were born to be. 

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