Picture Your Purpose Daily


There’s subtle energy circulating throughout your physical body, all part of other bodies . . . inclusive and holistic, with nothing acting alone. Aligning these bodies, this holistic mechanism unfolds exponentially. One of these aligning mechanisms is a magnetic coordination between your physical brain and the universal mind. As in homing pigeons, and salmon returning to spawn, magnetic particles in the physical brain, enable this navigation over large and unknown distances. Human destiny operates in this way, not just returning the physical body to a physical place, but connecting your destiny and purpose to a daily routine . . . from where you are to who you are coordinated by magnetic particles with an assignment in your brain.

When activated, this magnetism produces a consciousness and accountability for your personal purpose . . . a universal connection. The first sign of this activity is the extreme frustration with all things “normal” . . . no satisfaction in the mundane. A constant sensation of something missing drives you forward with a need to make a difference. The physical mechanics of this sensation is the pineal gland, and metaphysically known as the crown chakra . . . your meditation center. The magnetics are a biological solenoid, connecting circadian rhythms with secreting peptides. When you are horizontal and asleep between 11pm and 4am -- then sitting upright between 4am and 6am -- this magnetic solenoid opens the physical brain to the vast information in the universal mind . . . to a picture of your purpose.

Our prayer is that you practice -- "early to bed and early to rise" -- to become your healthy, wealthy and wise purpose with a vision, mission and then a sensation of destiny . . . that extraordinary version of you within the normal persona of you. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci