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There’s value in being nice, but a greater value is loving kindness. Loving kindness is a benevolent projection -- nice is often a timid expectation. Loving kindness is exercising the deep courage it takes to display yourself and project yourself -- nice can become a timid expectation of needing to protect yourself from exposing your whole self . . . almost an apology for being entirely who you are. Being nice is oftentimes being nothing -- where your true display is looking to see what's permitted in the space available -- where’s there a space to occupy and not make any waves. This process takes place in the brain when you’ve not initiated its higher ability. You don't have a mind, you have a brain . . . the Universe has the mind and it's broadcasting consistently at every frequency.

The entire spectrum of possibilities, from the enlightened and miraculous; the extraordinary and inspired -- all the way down to ugly, corrupted, grotesque, evil and demonic . . . are there within the spectrum of the universal mind. These frequencies -- available to your brain at all times -- are frequency in your brain that you initiate through lifestyle and practices. They pick up the matching frequency in the universal mind to establish your brain waves; determine what thoughts you'll be thinking; opinions you’ll be having; attitudes you’ll be using, and opportunities you might notice.

Our prayer is that you’re working on your practice to initiate your brain to its highest frequency; to think the thoughts that place you into loving kindness -- this is entirely up to you; that you're nice without being timid, and your world reflects a full expression of who you are in every location. 

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