Let Go Of Your Fear  


When survival instincts take a backseat, the front seat feels existentially dangerous -- extremely uncomfortable -- uniquely risky and unprotected to your 'life-managing' brain. However, in midst of this discomfort, there's also this slight hint, in your heart and gut, of a deeper layer of comfort. Within this faint hint there's a promise of a life that really works, but you must resist the sensations of danger . . . leave them in the back seat along with your survival instincts. Then the only question is, do you relate to promises?

Do you keep yours, or do you discount promises because you never keep them? If you relate to promises positively -- then there’s a solace that's never been experienced by your fear; by your instincts of protection; never imagined by any "heroic" tendencies of violence labeled as patriotism -- it's a solace that finds a home in you. The solace in this promise is not of this world, it's a bridge that connects Spirit body to Soul body; that permits a sense of freedom to take over the wheel of every life in the front seat. This freedom guides destinies toward their purpose and the fulfillment of many lifetimes.

Our prayer is that you take this existential risk; get in the front seat and face the overwhelming dangers that surround these times; let go of your fear in the midst of risk and keep your promise . . . taste the solace you'll never forget. It's filled with purpose, meaning and value, and it contains a map to the destination you've been looking for . . . right there amongst all your other searches . . . welcome home. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci