Experience the Crystal Clarity


“I am, therefore I am," is a teaching amongst the masters of enlightened consciousness throughout history. The root of these teachings -- the "I am" -- is found in some form in every language. It means that the "I in I" is “what is" . . . the basis of existence. This self, which is existing and experiencing the experience of existence is the “I am.” In order to have such a clear experience, one must be free from all psycho-emotional distortions; free from anything that interferes with what is. Interpretations of experience serves the intellect -- the actual experience of the experience serves the soul. This is the basis of the teachings of "I am" -- one who experiences the experience of the soul.

Every language has a word for this "I am". In 'Aramaic', the language spoken two thousand years ago, the word for "I am" was Yahushua; it was Yeshua in Hebrew, and 'je suis’ in Latin/French, all meaning "I am". This was, and is, a base teaching of great traditions . . . a mantra for meditations. It’s the basic message of an experience of the soul, the 'I am’ -- the ‘Yahushua’ -- the ‘Yeshua’ -- the ‘Yes’. It’s this "Yes" -- that’s the exclamation of experiencing existence . . . the soul in the body of existence . . . the “yes I am” . . . the Je suis . . . Yeshua . . . the root of Jesus. To have this profound experience, you must clear your consciousness . . . like crystal. The word crystal comes from the root word krystallia in Greek -- which means ice. Krishna, in ancient Sanskrit, means crystal. Such is the realization of the “I am clear” -- the ‘Yahushua Krystallia’ -- the ‘Jesus Christ’. This is a statement of fact, spoken from the soul, common to all conscious life . . . expressing pure existence in a physical body.

Our prayer is that you experience this clarity today as the new light of the Sun is born from its southernmost point at winter solstice time; that you look into all these stories and see yourself with sacred eyes of inclusion, and share the gifts from the “Sun” of GOD . . . the "yes I am crystal clear" with every breath. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci