The Gift of Melodic Awareness  


The actual sound of the Earth's vibration -- or record of its ’free oscillations’ -- hovers between 2.9 and 4.5 millihertz. That's a frequency 10,000 times lower than humans can hear -- your hearing threshold starts at 20 hertz. This note of the Earth’s sound is a “sharped” C sharp -- nineteen degrees above a C#. When Plato and Pythagoras worked with identifying harmonic scales, they discovered that the most soothing and healing of all intervals was the harmonic fifth of the root and overtone. When the genome project was completed, medical science found the frequency of life on Earth and the human DNA. The frequency of human DNA was just above a G#. This means that the Earth is perfectly vibrating for life -- specifically, human life -- it’s the harmonic fifth of the Earth.

Music has played an important role in the evolution of consciousness in every path. The great Kundalini master of the twentieth century -- Yogi Bhajan -- said that the guitar was the “rifle” of the Aquarian soldier. Blending your singing voice with the thoughts you’re experiencing is a formula for entering a world of ‘free-wording’ . . . the ability to stream higher consciousness into a language that dances through the edges of intuitive revelation. This is how the great masters such Lao Tse, Guru Nanak, Kahlil Gibran, and Rumi were able to compose poems of great awareness with such ease . . . they tuned into the universal language of tonal harmonies and it carried them through vast realms of creativity.

Our prayer is that you want to sing, and sing as often as you want; open the voice you’ve been gifted and make your place on Earth be heard; sing ‘word-strings’ that have never been heard, or known before, and create new meanings. This is a gift to yourself and the world this holiday season . . . the gift of your voice with its melodic awareness. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci