Present The Gift Of Your Destiny  

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Every life on Earth has their physical body as an assignment to evolve consciousness through the vast trials of spacetime into higher dimensions of realization. You've been at this for millions of years -- all over the multiverse -- every life an opportunity to simply exist as your fate, or achieve this evolutionary goal as your destiny. When you fixate on the passage of time, the moments serve your fate, but when you connect to each moment's opportunity, time rewards you with the momentum of your destiny. Each crisis helps trigger this evolution; the current global conditions demonstrate that you've reached a major threshold. This is your destiny/opportunity standing right there before you.

Stretching into your body-glove helps deliver this ability; breathing consciously helps deliver this ability; being mindful and compassionate toward your world delivers your presence and this ability to fill life with your presence . . . this is destiny. Stretching and breathing and compassion both inside and outside your body enables advanced electromagnetic fields (aura); produces biochemical movement (ease); creates additional movement in your heart, blood and lymph; stimulates the cerebral spinal fluid to create freshness surrounding the brain. This is why all animals stretch every chance they get, and why it's such a large part of yoga. When you accept each moment based on the story that has gone before it -- this is you living your fate. But when you gather your 'Self' together into this very moment -- in ways like described above -- now you have the energy to create your future regardless of the history . . . and this is you living your destiny. Everyone's destiny is bright and remarkable -- everyone's fate is just what it is.

Our prayer is that you stretch into your body glove, breathe as deeply and compassionately as you can, and arrive at this moment with your full presence; gather all the vitality you are able to gather and present the gift of your destiny to those around you who are destined to do the same. 

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