You Are The Difference You Imagine  

In today’s world, dominated by unconsciousness, social psychologists speak of emotional manipulation operating more rampantly than ever before in human history...convincing beliefs that are exactly the opposite from the facts. This has been practiced as a technique in the “intelligence” communities for centuries. Known as ‘perception management’, it’s how every magician carries out their tricks. It’s the basis of what mystics referred to as ‘Emperor’s languaging’...the controlling power of words.

Now the new social media, a culture of unlimited information sharing, has created an increased willingness to accept ‘statement as fact’, and dramatically accelerated this phenomenon. And, buried amongst all the potential negatives and psychological disruptions here, there's the potential for a highly positive side as well. The ancient science of bhakti yoga describes the power of miracles contained in the presence of ultra-strong beliefs. Imagine the forces of your beliefs unleashed to their fullest, and you’re imagining the physical momentum contained in the energy potential of each moment.

Manifestation, linked to beliefs, is the meta-science of bhakti yoga...the ability to focus perception, to such a degree, that the perception manipulates the perceived. You’re also now speaking the language of quantum physics. In other words, bhakti yoga and quantum physics are essentially the same event...the observer and the observed inextricably linked at a causal level.

Our prayer is that you’re filled with the forces of your empowering beliefs; that you allow your imagination to run wild with the beliefs that you possess the ability to make a difference in the world, and then hold on to these ideas until they come true, for you are the difference you imagine. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci