Extreme Polarities Require Noncombatant Solutions  

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Extreme polarities require noncombatant solutions, an elevated paradox that provides a third position in which the polarities maintain their identity. Providing solutions without bickering on compromises is a complement to the identity of both sides. This is the algorithmic magic of ancient sorcery, the purpose of the court jester and sorcerer . . . seeing the ironic source from which all sides arise.

An alchemy of angles is where the problems caused are solved by their causes. Poverty and wealth -- a perfect example of a conflicting polarity -- has a potential third position within compassionate economics. Wealth remains in place without being compared to scarcity . . . the poverty being erased along with the debt based system. Value based economics is a refined system where needs are valued as highly as abilities. This was the nature of the vast original forests of the world before the introduction of human -- non-renewable -- resource stripping disrupted the system.

This is the way of true compassion and how progressive educational systems operate . . . mistakes of effort are valued as highly as correct answers. These kinds of systems create sustainability and life thrives without competition and struggle. In this next evolution, the animal kingdom must resemble the original plant kingdom . . . value based sharing; replenishing not scarcity, and the power of faith displacing the power of fear. This is the elemental ability of an infinite cosmos. Humanity has grown up without this sensation and it will feel strange until it doesn’t. This is the reality of all matter at its core quantum level.

Our prayer is that you have the courage to experience something that’s never been attempted by humans; that you realize the animal kingdom has ended in a problem for which there’s no other way out; that the need is for radical disruption to a system that’s broken, and you’re a willing pioneer of this prosperous future.

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