Let Curiosity Drive Constant Discovery

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There are winds of plasma, in the distances between galaxies, where nothing seems to exist . . . they travel at nearly 400 thousand miles per hour. And these aren’t even the fastest winds in the Universe -- NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found faster winds in the stellar-masses of black holes -- winds racing through space at over 20 million miles per hour.

These distant winds are impacting the Earth and your life, even though there’s no direct contact. They’ve produced major changes across the ages of humankind . . . truly the winds of change. The momentum and torque of these winds distorts and bends the space and time -- and even without any direct contact, and over such vast distances, this bending and distortion has an effect on this solar system and how its space and time are perceived. Space-bending alters perception over vast periods -- like a gigantic lens of time, or the shifts in the seasons -- and the only way these results can be measured is through the deep historical references recorded in mythology . . . the mythology that’s true.

The ages known as yugas are one example of this record, as is the intersection between the science of astronomy (the placement, movement and location of celestial events) -- and astrology (the effects these events have on your psycho-emotional and physical world). There’s so much that’s misunderstood about massive space and most people have no idea about time . . . you call it an illusion. Science is completely mistaken about the age and origin of this Universe; about the parallels to space, and your coexistence in alternate times. It’s as if science still believes in a “flat-Earth."

Our prayer is that you’re enormously curious; that your curiosity drives a constant discovery; that each discovery alters your perception and beliefs, and you allow the winds of change to produce new realities . . . which will also need to change. This is the path of awareness and growth -- this growth and awareness creates acceptance; this acceptance ultimately produces understanding, and it’s this understanding that brings about a lasting peace.

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