Wise Discoveries

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Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970's the world of Kundalini Yoga -- outside of India -- was just getting started . . . Ashrams and Yoga Centers popping up all over the world. Yogi Bhajan was sending out teachers and I was always right there by his side -- wishing and hoping to be sent somewhere too. He would constantly turn to me and say, “You’re staying right here . . . you must learn to go nowhere.”

And so it was, year in and year out, I was his everything guy . . . fixed the roof; washed the car; drove the car; tended to the garden; reshaped the windows; built the sheds . . . all right there. Back in those days it rained in Los Angeles, and it would always rain at night. Every night when the storms would come, the roof on Yogi Bhajan’s home, at the center known as Guru Ram Das Ashram, would spring a leak. Midnight, 1am, 2am . . . my phone would ring . . . “Guru Singh, roof is leaking again!” The routine would begin . . . on with my cloths . . . into my car, and three miles later I’d arrive at “the leaky roof” . . . wiggle on my back into the crawl space . . . find the “hole” and patch it . . . over and over again. One morning, the call came through . . . the routine began . . . but forty five minutes later, the call came again . . . I answered with extreme anger . . . “Yeah, what?”

Frozen silence filled the phone line . . . then a soft voice finally came through . . . “Guru Singh, is that you?” “Yes,” I answered, still angry, “I can’t find my keys.” There was another long moment of silence on the phone -- then Yogi Bhajan very quietly and calmly said, “Ask your hands . . . they are the last ones to have touched them . . . they know, but be very quiet, because they speak softly.” I did . . . I got quiet . . . within a few minutes a picture arrived in my senses -- exactly where the last contact had been made.

Our prayer is that you listen consciously and locate all the moments and mementos that are precious to you; remain connected with everyone and everything you love; relate to the subtleties that know where everything is, and enjoy all the wise discoveries. 

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