Derive The Blessings From The Great Stories

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Epic stories are built on previously believed stories. Easter is one of these inspirational and allegorical stories, whose purpose is to depict the blessings of being true to your mission; suffering the consequences of this truth; sacrificing for it, but never sacrificing the mission . . . regardless of consequences. When you’re aware of this foundation to the story, it’s then an opportunity to separate intention from details, while maintaining the story’s purpose.

Easter is a composite of many aspects of life, science and symbology. It portrays a series of lessons, yet, as the story is disassembled from its purpose, one must not abolish the purpose. The assemblage is the assemblage . . . the purpose is still the purpose.

The part of the story about the Son of GOD dying -- being dead for three days -- then rising on the third day into the heaven’s, is from the ancient astronomers. It was borrowed from their epic storytelling. Because of the angle of the Earth’s twenty three degree tilt to the Sun, there are seasons; because of planetary orbits being elliptical, there are planetary movements that seem illogical. At the time of the Winter Solstice -- when the Sun reaches its farthest point to the south -- it appears to stall for three days before returning on its journey northward. The ancient astronomers would say that the Sun of GOD dies, remains dead for three days, and then rises again into the heavens. Additionally, there’s a deeply researched book -- The Passover Plot -- about the life of Jesus after the crucifixion. It speaks -- in fact-checked detail -- of his travels, his teachings, his marriage and family.

Our prayer is that you derive the blessings from the great stories of this epic Messiah; that you understand that stories, over thousands of years, tend to shift within time; that you never require Santa Clause to be real, nor Jesus to have died on the cross to gain the benefits of your devotion to the Spirit of Jesus, Christmas, or Easter, and that you embrace the sacrifice and mission of this Messiah, to support what you yourself are capable of.  

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