The Blessings of Tension, Pressure, Stress & Friction

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Human life has formed a shared tendency within the spacetime of this modern world: the pursuit to capture three-dimensional space, with a dedication to buying and selling the fourth dimension of time. This is a total illusion, but it has now become humanity's fictitious purpose. Throughout the industrialized world, this pursuit has replaced any truer value of experiencing three-dimensional space as ease, through the gift of the fourth dimension of time as joy.

Time is all you ever own in your life -- you actually cannot buy it, or sell it . . . it's just yours as a gift called the time of your life. Everything else is a rental . . . even your body must be returned when it’s all over. This constant striving to capture space, and own material has taken humanity completely out of its center-point, and living outside of your center-point is a precariously imbalanced position.

Tension, pressure, stress, and friction are the building blocks of all matter, but when you’re living outside your center-point, you experience them, not as building blocks, but as blockages to everything you’re trying to build. The tension, pressure, stress, and friction are no longer balanced. Rather than experiencing them as creating and balancing the universe -- you experience the tension as tension; pressure as pressure; the friction as friction, and stress as stress. Tension, pressure, stress, and friction are the gifts that allow matter to materialize; existence to exist, and time to calibrate movement and growth. Without them in this proper perspective, there is never enough time; nothing matters like it can, and life struggles onward. When you're balanced and centered amongst these four forces, you experience them as a blessing.

Our prayer is that you practice every day to bring balance and centeredness to your world; experience the gift of your experience as the purpose of your life, and consistently employ the tension, pressure, stress and friction to serve this purpose. 

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