Celebrating Earth Day 

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Earth Day is a day that honors the very foundation of the mother to everything . . . a ‘big-mother’ day . . . a day appreciating each particle of dust in your physical world. Every particle of this world was formulated into spacetime by the Earth-mother. All that you're experiencing, enjoying, ingesting and consuming is available because of Mother Earth’s union with the soul. The birds of paradise are the keepers of the sky-world . . . the world that knows not the limits found in the travels of land and sea. Yet the sky-world is also a part of the Earth Mother, for the Earth Mother provides the oxygen and carbon mixtures for the animals and plants to thrive on its lands and in its oceans. The sailors of the fluids are the navigators of the worlds under this sky and off the shores of the lands. These finned creatures depend on the Earth mother to maintain the sanctity in the womb of the world. The travelers of the lands are the ones who work alongside the brutal sapiens -- attempting to turn their struggle for existence into an harmonic coexistence. All of these worlds are the worlds of Earth Day’s memoir. All of these worlds are the worlds that this Mother Earth has given birth to and sustained long before and throughout the campaign of this current sapien onslaught.

Our prayer is that as the children of this mother, you take on this role in the most respectful way; that you look to her as the giver of all your physical bodies through which your soul can have the experience of life; that you treat all her life as equal to yours and this gratitude rewards the Earth with peace and the nutrients of food, water and air; that you strive to maintain life on Earth far into the future, for the future cannot be stopped, but it can be lifeless when we do not honor the Earth. 

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