Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Life

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When you gaze at the nighttime sky it can seem massive -- but all you’re actually viewing is a small part of the local neighborhood . . . the part you see with the naked eye is tiny by comparison to what’s really there. On the very best of nights, you see about 2,500 stars . . . roughly one hundred-millionth of the stars -- just in the Milky Way galaxy alone. And almost all of them are less than 1,000 light years away . . . only 1% of the Milky Way’s diameter.

Much of what appears as a star in the sky, is a galaxy of billions of stars, appearing as a single object within your eyes. As many stars as there are in this galaxy -- 100 to 400 billion -- there are roughly an equal number of galaxies in the observable universe, using the most powerful telescopes. For every star in this Milky Way galaxy, there’s another entire galaxy out there. Think about it in another way, for every grain of sand on Earth, there are 10,000 stars in the sky. The percentage of those stars that are “sun-like” (similar in size, temperature, and luminosity to your sun) using the most conservative thinking -- is around 5%. This means that there are -- in the most limited of estimates -- 500 quintillion, or 500 (billion billion) “sun-like” stars out there with systems potentially containing a twin to this Earth . . . one hundred Earth-like planets for every grain of sand in the world.

Our prayer is that -- with all that’s going on in your world -- you take a moment to think about what might be going on beyond your world; that you understand your issues are not as intimidating as you think, and by shifting your thoughts you can shift your life. Allow yourself to become inclusive in your thinking so that the vastness of where you actually live, alters the way you actually live; that being the change you want to see, means changing the way you see the changes . . . they’re not so daunting after all . . . just a grain of sand on the beach of your mind. 

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