Just Listen Deeply

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The web of a spider is like the structure of an awakened human’s life -- precise, gentle, dramatically strong, and patterned with highly geometric symbolology . . . the abode of unusually accurate wisdom that’s able to capture the nourishment of any moment . . . “good” or “bad”. The web of an awakened human is the web that has no weaver . . . it’s simply spun and woven from the vast universal awareness.

This web is a constant confirmation that you’re unbreakable; unable to be disappointed; unable to be discouraged -- all because when you are this conscious, you’re aware of your incredible ‘self’. You’re unable to be insulted, offended, bullied, or denied because you are just so deeply unwilling to fall for the tricks of life. This unwillingness is actually a measure of your dedication to the nature of life -- the nature that’s woven into all parts . . . the offensive; the insulting; the disappointing; the discouraging are all a set up to be upset . . . the illusion of the great trickster. And when you’ve got no reason to be upset -- it’s impossible for you to be set up. You don’t attempt to explain away any such moment, you simply allow the moment to speak for itself . . . the nature of your mastery is that you listen deeply.

Our prayer is with your incredible self; with your masterful approach to each moment; with the web that connects you to all that is, and the realization that every challenge is placed in your web to strengthen it . . . you’re never tricked by the trickster -- you just listen deeply.  

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