Success Takes Mistakes

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When you experience rushing of water, it’s a community of molecules, striving enthusiastically to pass through openings and blockages in space. This community experiences a tremendous number of mistakes, but you never see energy wasting competition, or a single apology. Whenever this tumultuous community, this village of water molecules, is going through the very small openings of its life, there’s some success alongside a whole lot of mistakes and failures.

But in the midst of zero competition and no apologies, every single molecule ultimately succeeds. And that's why water is referred to as a solution . . . solutions contain relentless effort; unreasonable knowing; unwavering determination, and zero apology. The mistakes are all there to be made along the roads toward success. That's how incredible water is, and that’s also how incredible you are, when you allow yourself to truly be you. If you're going to help this planet Earth -- and that's why you’re here -- you’re going to have to mimic these multiple directions of water. This is the solution orientation of your intuitive self, both your physical and your metaphysical parts. The metaphysical is your unmeasurable energetic contribution, while the physical is the webbing of matter within and around you. You know what direction the physical is flowing -- you can perceive it. The energy cannot be created or destroyed -- that’s the law -- so you perceive it as the flow of physical matter. You can use this energy and make choices to alter its direction. This is the power of your metaphysical parts -- the power of prayer. A place of prayer is called an altar, for you’re altering ‘the what is’ when you pray.

Our prayer is that you do this within each moment of your life; that you build a momentum and recreate who you are . . . you’re a solution in a field of problems -- a savior in a moment of disasters . . . the water in a world of thirst. 

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