Play Big

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Stop performing masterpieces in the backyards of your life . . . this is a small stage, and you're here on Earth to play big. You're not here to sell your talents and masteries short, due to the common insecurities of “making it” in the world. Your talents, skills and masteries are far older than this Earth, and the concept of “making it” in this world is a young lifestyle from the modern industrial age.

With its banking and currency as false purposes of unneeded production, this Earth is very primitive. Your abilities are far more advanced, and your inabilities are meaninglessly diverting your perceived improbabilities. Probabilities are guaranteed by your faith. This is the timeless nature of your mastery and the reason you’ve been sent to this planet as a savior of life in a culture fearing death . . . while dying. This culture of death and dying creates extinction syndromes, driven by fear, around every sacred specie. This culture of death and dying believes they’re here to “earn a living” -- which is ludicrous, because they’re already alive. A hoax of tricks in a hall of mirrors is a set up for the idiots to be upset in . . . struggling to make it through.

Our prayer is that you take to the stages of the big-game not the backyard; that you face the overwhelming fears and odds of this task and do it anyway; that you recognize you exist within a hall of mirrors reflecting both your disasters and your excellence, and that you accept both as the ways of living . . . not as a road of dying. 

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