Allow The Unfolding

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Plants harvest light from their superposition of efficiency within an ocean of impossibilities. This is why science -- to this day -- is uncertain of exactly how photosynthesis takes place. A plant’s inability for failure is an inherent quality that drives this super-efficiency. The same quality as a source-seer . . . the sorcerer who sees the source of all moments in all moments.

From this source the sorcerer derives a course of knowledge and opportunities within what others would deem impossibilities. Due to a complete lack of this vision, the “mere mortals” see only impossibilities within the same moments. This is the structure of the quantum world; the nature that makes up all forms and matter at a subatomic level, and then renders it believable to your senses with perceivable molecules. This establishes, as fact, what the yogi's call the illusion of maya -- an illusion that is made into the ‘particulars’ of each individual’s perception. It guides a journey of destiny and fate within your experiences . . . it’s like messages in bottles of time, floating on the moments within constant waves of variation.

Plants achieve their miraculous outcomes of producing oxygen to support our lives without thinking about it . . . they have no need to think in the process. When you stop to think about anything, you also stop any such miracles. The Tao calls this the way of the way . . . the unfolding of that which already is . . . into the fulfillment of that which is to be.

Our prayer is that you allow this unfolding to be the way of your way; that you enable this because it already exists with nothing to do but observe it with gratitude . . . acknowledgement of the way is the way. 

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