Women Unfold The Future

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When human beings are present and in their hearts, the women of the world will be able to unfold the future (the womb) of the world with great joy, creativity and confidence. Women have been waiting, not to be equal to men, but to be given peaceful moments where it’s safe to bring the future moments into this moment.

Women are the future -- this is the meaning of the word womb -- and the main reason for every life is to insure the future of all life . . . by confirming the safe nature of now. Life exists in now; it persists in the future . . . women are the agents of that persistence. Now is the time; today is the day; there has never been a moment that is as opportune as this . . . this is as it is. With life allowed to exist and persist, there stands a chance of enlightenment for every soul . . . the purpose of every soul.

Our prayer is with all women of this world, and all the women to be in this world; our prayer is that they are held in the highest regard, and allowed to experience their true nature; allowed to realize their body is a gift from ‘Forever’ to this exact moment on Earth, and that each woman is given the freedom to govern her own conscious decisions. Peace be with you dear and sacred women of the world. 

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