Truth, Honesty & Courage

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In order to make a strong move in the material world, you either have to believe in it; be inspired by it; be tricked into moving it, or be forced into the move. Because of the barbaric nature of today’s psycho-emotional atmosphere, the most admired and acquired skills, are the clever skills that can trick a person -- or the power skills that can force a person into movement. Both of these skills are highly paid for; very unnatural; emotional depleting, and harmful to the body.

However, this is the current unnatural nature of human nature, and out of this comes the many challenges of disease and unrest that you’re currently experiencing. These times have been forewarned -- in the ancient wisdom scriptures it says: “In the Kali Yug . . . the darkest time . . . truth will be that which convinces.” That did not say truth would be true. In other words, this is the time when facts do not make up truths, but are simply used as mechanisms to convince and force movement.

These times are abusive to the body, the emotions and the mind . . . the only healing is found in your heart. And even though the brain feels safer, and the heart feels vulnerable -- the heart is the sanctuary . . . it’s accessed through the doors of your courage. These are the times that require that courage -- it comes through deep breathing; long walks; stronger bonds with wives, husbands, partners, lovers, children, pets, and friends; more yoga and meditation, music, art and fun . . . all to balance out that psychic corruption. These activities will lead you to the moment that's right here . . . right now, and the benefits of ‘now’ are immeasurable . . . because ‘now’ has not yet been corrupted.

Our prayer is that you recognize the times are what they are; gather with those who are not being fooled by the corruption of these times, and are not submitting to the false pressures of that corruption; keep yourself energized with the sacred pure calmness of 'now' at all moments, and always practice being brutally honest . . . always with a smile. 

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