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An ‘ingram’ -- one who needs absolute proof in order to accept and believe -- is common in today's world of increased spirit-based phenomenon. It’s the reaction of unreasonable limits to the limitlessness of the spirit -- whose endless realms are filled with creative non-identicals and the multiple powers of inexact mimicry. This is discounted by an ingram’s obsession as “wuwu” and foolishness, and that's a perfect phrase here, because the fool is the zero, or key-card of divination.

The deck of the Tarot's key-card opens the locks to begin the masters journey. Without foolishness no one would ever set foot into the unknown, and backward stagnation would be the only direction of travel. “Truth” seeking compulsive obsessed beings -- in an academic setup of never ending documentation to eliminate the chance for ambiguity -- never set foot onto this journey of the fool. But there are many times when your brain-mind -- scattered throughout the random wilderness of creativity -- compliments your desire to be focused and exact.

There are ways of turning on and off these seemingly opposing qualities, and this is essential for balance in these times, and requires practice. Just as you can turn on your intuition when needed, and then use more actual/factual memory in other moments -- the brain-mind conveyance, located throughout your physical body, has different frequencies and talents when you learn to use them.

Our prayer is that you create a habit of practicing this on a daily basis; that you use the skills you’ve learned to attract the skills you’ve never known of; that you willingly go forward, knowing you’ll fail more times than you succeed, and that you consider both failure and success with equal respect. 

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