There’s An Opening In Every Moment

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Conflicts between ancient survival instincts and the higher human nature are in a mythic battle on Earth right now. Ancient instincts were built for protection through the ages -- your higher nature is a new entry on the stage of life . . . here to give life a living future.

Because technology and weaponry have become as powerful as they are in today's world, the polarity had to emerge; this polarity is your higher human nature. It contains the trust, compassion, and intuitive neutrality to counter the distrusting brutality. Surveillance, distrust and brutality block human relationships for the sake of safety, but for humans, safety achieved with this violence is the most dangerous place to live. Humans are social by nature, and being alone, afraid and violent are not human lifestyles. Remember, only carnivores with claws make good loners.

When higher awareness successfully contemplates the dangers of life, no matter how dire a moment might be, you don’t experience the continuation of the danger, you register the danger; then experience the opening. The laws of physics say there’s an opening in every moment. When danger triggers ancient instincts, it becomes too loud and boisterous, it becomes the only event in a moment, and the opening disappears. It’s like a card track, where you don’t see the slight-of-hand, you only see the misdirection. With instincts, you don’t see the slight-of-moment, because you’re too busy being tricked by the danger and its misdirected violence.

Our prayer is that you figure the trick of the instincts out; find the peaceful opening in each dangerous moment; discover the intuition of your higher human nature and experience life beyond the noise of violence. This is the future of life . . . this is the living future. 

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