Keep the Shift Shifting

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The songs of your life are like fleece, a fabric from the trash of ancient ages. Fleece is the recycling of something that once served a completely different function in the past; now it has a new purpose, a brand new life -- like your current incarnation . . . a recycling of all your previous paths.

You now exist as someone brand new . . . someone who serves the future of this present moment. Knowing this, you stand on the threshold of your constant cycle of birthing and dying . . . knowing there is no death -- no end -- just shifting, cycling and recycling. The only thing that dies in what's happening in any moment, is the moment . . . the 'what's happening' lives on forever. Beatitude recycles into new forms of beauty . . . beautifully. Like a matryoshka doll -- nesting inside of nesting, on and on forever -- one life inside the next. Life is treasures inside of trash, and trash inside of treasures. Forgiveness . . . giving yourself forward unto now -- a way to deal with every moment of trash and treasure -- is not getting hung up on anything . . . keeping the shift shifting. It's creating an exception to an exception, and then another exception to that exception, until there's an ultimate acceptance.

Our prayer is that you accept the recycling of your cycles of life -- threshold unto threshold -- constantly reinvesting in the reformation of your information until you've refined life into your finest moment . . . the moment of exactly you . . . all right . . . right now. Know this, and enjoy your song . . . 

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