There's Magic Within The Echoes  

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The grace of Angels in your life, the accuracy of all the guiding forces when you pay attention, and the incredible joy of your animals and the little children -- these are the benevolent remnants of your waves of consciousness echoing beyond these four dimensions and reflecting back with their great wisdom of 'life-in-now'. This is the example of all the very special powers that exist in this very moment, where there is no time and no three dimensional spaces. When these intuitive guides, events, beings and inclinations occur, you know that there's magic within the echoes.

To achieve something here, you must believe and act as though you exist within this 'forever' and know that it's not a long time . . . In fact, it's no time at all. Your life requires the assistance of these guardians, these sometimes tiny guides and their light-body moves through your body's crystalline makeup to guide you from a space beyond time, and a time beyond space. This is why their presence feels so sacred -- never tires -- never ages -- never stops -- and keeps on going even after you pass from the moment. This is also the realm of your dreamtime which is why spending time around these sacred entities, angels, guides, animals and children feels so dreamy.

Our prayer is that you call upon all your Angels; call upon all your higher guides in all their forms; call on them to rescue you from the illusions imbedded in your memories made up from other more fuzzy memories projected from within another story . . . that your angels and guides, in all their forms, whenever they arrive, guide you back into this moment; draw you out of past history and future mystery so that you can enjoy the joy that is always, always, always alive in this living moment. 

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