Master Your Mystery


As spirit -- also known as consciousness -- you're powered by the soul-body through an existence here on Earth. You view a world you know, but it’s distorted through the masks and filters of what you believe you know. What you know -- the people, places, things, emotions you feel, history and anticipation you remember and project -- all of this is distorted by these masks and filters.

Explained at a yogic and quantum level, the world you know is not a world you know. It's a world you think you know, and feel familiar with, but even the known factors -- the ones you're certain of -- are actually an illusion. It's all a psycho-emotional puzzle, a code made from these masks and filters that manage, control, guide, and carry you through your physical, emotional and mental experiences. You enjoy what you experience with joy, and fear what you anticipate with fear. In order to change your experience, you must access the fundamentals of your human talents . . . get under the "hood" and tweak the masks and the filters that control your experience. When you’ve gain access to this -- what’s known as the sensory programming -- you're able to manage the sensations of your entire experience.

This is one of the many results of a daily practice with yoga meditation and other activities of self awareness. With practice, you ultimately realize that everything about your life can be formed and transformed. Everything works for you -- even the challenging lessons that you go through are, in fact, great raw materials to build into new dreams and re-purposed purpose.

Our prayer is that you get "under the hood" of your life; that you understand the masks and filters and begin to master your mystery. Then enter your world without masks; without filters, and un-puzzle the puzzles. Ascends to a level of being human; of being humane, and experience the freedom of a Soul on Earth in human form . . . here to transform. 

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