Become Compassionately And Consciously Awakened


Surrounding the surface of every massive Megaverse, are the pockets in which the qualities, forces and elements have condensed to form an ocean of matter known to the ancients as Narayan. This is what is known to modern humanity as the material Universe. There are countless of these pockets surrounding the fabric of spacetime. When you’re deep in one of these pockets -- a Universe -- a ripple in the space-fabric -- it's all you can perceive, or conceive of. Even with the most powerful optical and electron telescopes, you cannot know beyond these limits. This is the event horizon, beyond which there's endlessness . . . other Universes surrounding the Megaverses throughout the Multiverse.

Literally translated, Narayan means the 'Ocean of Love', and within this ocean are all of the requirements and possibilities for life. The Universal Soul inserts this spirit to evolve consciousness in matter. The ultimate goal is to become compassionately and consciously awakened. Every 'pocket-universe' is filled with lessons for the inhabitants to fulfill . . . dense gravitational fields gather pilgrims of inhabitants for the journey. Throughout your tens of thousands of incarnations, you've lived in many of these pockets across the infinite cosmos of endless Megaverses. In your higher incarnations you've ventured through spaces far more advanced than Earth. You cannot fully understand this with reasoning, but you know it's real in the deeper reaches of your conscious meditations. Here, you can comprehend your deep loving connection with life.

Our prayer is that you reach out to imagine how simultaneously insignificant and significant you are; that you connect beyond imagination and honor this moment in need of your compassion . . . now is your time . . . make it yours. 

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