Nature Is Calling


Air, water, and land are citizens of this Earth -- they have spirit and soul and are essential to the life of all spirit and soul in every other body. A river is a citizen, as is a forest, and all of this natural citizenry has rights. Activists, with consciousness, are calling for the legal transformation of the laws to include Mother Nature under their protections. Nature is the commons in the world of life that’s common amongst everything. Water is life -- it’s the sustenance of life -- to take it away by pollution, or removal for any reason, is as much a murder -- a crime against life -- as is any form of violence.

The Native Water Protectors at Standing Rock determined that nature has rights like all other life. This is the ‘new-think’ that will lead to the ‘new-speak’ that will lead to uncovering the hidden solutions in a world, driven by profits, into annihilation. Without clean water, clean air and a stable climate, the future of all life on Earth is doomed. The systemic continuity of life is your physical body’s relationship with the space around it. Your rights, as a managing director of these relationships, is to orchestrate the harmonies that affect the entire system . . . the space. This is a wave on the way of seeing every other life as you . . . even the life of nature. Now is the time to take all forms of action, for now is the time that nature is calling.

Our prayer is that you answer the call; that you feel the urgency and respond with a calm, but firm innovation; that within this calm you draw outrageous conclusions and miraculous create solutions that have never been thought of. Then take the courage to activate them into this system of nature . . . you’re responsible. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci