Align with the Universe…Align with Balance


In the psycho-emotional-energetics of your physical anatomy, all parts have practical as well as existential reasons for existing . . . reasons beyond the obvious. The knees are by far the most illogical joint in all of the human anatomy . . . "Two balls resting on top of each other with a few bands holding them together around some padding" . . . balancing like a cairn of stones. Your knees sit between the thighs and the lower legs . . . the reason for this structure and positioning is very practical.

Balance is a fact -- there's never learning in balance, you adopt your innate ability -- something you acknowledge and accept. This is why they say about riding a bicycle, "You never forget," because this is because you never learned, you merely accepted a universal fact. The Universe is balanced and your balance within it is to align with its balance . . . to accept it. This is the purpose of your knees -- you can only use them without injury when you're balanced. Since they have been placed between your thighs and your lower legs -- and your lower legs are your standards and principles -- they are the balance between your thighs and your standards/principles. Your left thigh represents your intentions, and your right thigh represents your motivations. Your knees are the balance between your intentions, motivations, and standards . . . when all of this is aligned, the illogical nature of your knees will work perfectly all your life.

Our prayer is that you work with balancing your life by using balance in your life. Spend some time each day balancing on one leg and then the other -- this will align the focus and emphasis between your intentions, motivations, and standards. Allow this balance in your world to affect the balance in the world around you. This root nature will manifest your 'intentions' through 'motivations' while living by your 'principles' and 'standards' of your balance. 

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