Consciously Connect Body and Soul

Invisible pathways circulate through your body and guide your connection to Soul . . . connection to consciousness. The thymus gland -- a primary lymphoid organ of the immune system -- plays a role in both the endocrine system and the immune system. The thymus gland develops and trains 'T' cells -- the all important, invader and disease fighting, white blood cells. The thymus trains these 'T' cells throughout your childhood . . . and just like with the pineal gland, there's a major metaphysical function that continues after this physical function has semi-retired.

This lifelong function is the ‘root-recipient’ of your 'silver thread' -- the pulse of streaming cosmic information that maintains life in the body; your reason for being alive, and your heartbeat. This information contains your purpose; your destiny; your life-map, and your life's overall programming. It comes to you from the furthest reaches of the Multiverse. The mystics and masters referred to this as the confluence of all cosmic rivers flowing into the time of your life, from the timeless passages of all your lives. This is the combination the lessons you've mastered and those you have left to learn . . . like a cosmic "To-Do" list.

Once this stream of information ceases -- your personal messaging stops -- your entire reason for breathing and existing disappears -- your body ceases to function. You can keep a person alive when they're brain dead, but you can't keep a person alive when they're heart dead. Yes . . . there are synthetic hearts; heart transplants, and open-heart surgery, but none of this will work once the silver thread is withdrawn . . . once the pulse of your cosmic life-line ceases to reach the thymus.

Our prayer is that you listen and relate to the beat of your heart on a daily basis, for it's in this relation that you're aware of this thread of universal information causing your life to unfold. Be mindful of your heart-thoughts and feelings . . . become your holistic self and comprehend your reasons for breathing. 

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