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Preaching to the choir is essential right now, for the choir is perfectly able to sing, but it’s sleeping. It’s time to crawl out of this slumber and awaken from the inside . . . singing the songs that save the Earth. This choir of higher consciousness is made up of [3.3%] of the world’s total population -- that’s currently two-hundred-forty-eight million people who are reachable and teachable. Three percent are sound asleep and the other (point three percent) are reaching higher awareness and learning their recognizable lessons. This is twenty-two and a half million people worldwide, and preaching to this choir means making believers out of believers, re-convincing the already convinced, and reminding those languishing in the fields of normal that they’re a far cry from normal.

Your spirit-based consciousness has progressed through all the evolutionary layers, from its earliest lifetimes as minerals, to plants, and then animals, until this final ascendance as being human. Spoken throughout the ancient writings by conscious mastery . . . all the ways of reaching, teaching and advancing life is in your hands right now. Crystals are the outward expression of your mineral incarnation’s inner clarity; bamboo is the outward expression of the invincibility of the plant-lives that all reached for the light before turning into animals that sought out comfort. And then the humans, these tens of thousands of radiant incarnations, are stewards to it all. You’ve been through this, but now as humans you’re sleeping hard from exhaustion. This creates an unfortunate disorder on top of the chaos that’s already pandemic in evolution.

Our prayer is that you take on this human birth and realize you’re the directors of the choir; that you sing at the top of your lungs to awaken those around you, and when they wake up, keep them up with insistent harmonies and committed rhythms . . . songs that raise the everlasting spirit. 

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